Vehicle Electrification Details

Project Management leveraging diverse Detroit engineering services

Modeling for efficiency and payback

Driveline device concept exploration and design

Fleet strategy and demonstration

Validation planning and autonomous program strategy

Driveline device design/scenario assessments

Patented core technology for PHEV commercial trucks (DOE/ARPA-E grant)


The Future is Electric

We are developing and applying key next-gen propulsion and controls technology to OEM-branded vehicles creating electrically-biased drive systems. 

We support executing custom solutions through partnerships while advancing our own technology. 

Our market focus has been medium duty trucks where many work trucks carry cargo or perform job site tasks.

The Next-Gen PHEV


In addition to typical operating savings, Inventev's Next-Gen PHEV concept minimizes the electrification capital by:

- Avoiding the premium of a diesel powertrain for many applications while delivering better performance

 - Right-sizing and integrating electrification components; not just "off-the-shelf" integration

- Exporting utility grade power from the dual generating propulsion system displacing standby generators for some customers and ready to respond to natural disasters and outages

Our concept caught the eye of the ARPA-E agency of U.S. Department of Energy and awarded a $500,000 grant to start analyzing and developing hardware

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The Three Primary Customer Value Propositions


1. Generate Electric

•Utility-grade Export Power

•>100kw 120V/240V single phase

•Storm outage response

•Remote operations needs

•Mobile backup to stationary gen sets

2. Work Electric

  •Idle-free job sites

•Standard hydraulic power take off (PTO) interface; 

•electrically driven

•Charge-while-driving; OR plug-in grid charge

•Engine provides extended hours/emergency operations

3. Drive Electric

•All-electric drive with range extension (PHEV)

•Motors + gasoline engine allow diesel displacement (motors fill in low-end torque)

•Motors plus engine for peak power needs

•Regenerative braking