Full Biography


Albert (Al) Steurer

Chief Strategy Officer 

Al graduated with an Industrial Engineering degree from General Motors Institute (now Kettering University) at the Linden N.J. Assembly plant. He received his MBA from Central Michigan University.

Al’s career spanned 39 years at GM with 25 years focused in manufacturing and 14 years in product development. He has also had diverse international experience with a total of 10 years spent outside the U.S. in Mexico, Sweden and Italy. Early in his career Al worked in manufacturing at three plants and as a manufacturing engineer on GM’s first electric vehicle program. His first executive assignment was as the Director of Program Mgmt & Planning for the Chevrolet-Pontiac-GM Canada Group. He subsequently was promoted to Director of Manufacturing Planning where he led efforts to optimize GM’s assembly plant footprint.

In 2000 Al returned for a second stint in Mexico as GM's Director of Planning. In this new role Al was responsible for local program management of several vehicle lines, as well as ensuring a competitive portfolio of imported products to sustain GM’s market leadership in Mexico.

Al moved to Europe in 2004 where he was appointed the Director of Planning for Saab in Sweden. At Saab he led the future development of their portfolio of products by synthesizing regulatory, customer and competitive global requirements. Following a reorganization of Saab he was assigned Powertrain Planning Director for the Fiat-GM-Powertrain partnership in Turin, Italy. He worked on unwinding the partnership with Fiat and helped lead the formation of GM Powertrain Europe with its diesel expertise centered in Italy. In Turin, Al was responsible for supporting the mission of “World’s Best Powertrains” by satisfying competitive, regulatory and business needs of its future portfolio and vehicle applications.

In 2007 Al repatriated to the US as the Director of North America Powertrain Planning. Prior to his retirement in Oct 2009, Al represented Powertrain in the transition from bankruptcy to rebirth of the General Motors Company.