Our Leadership

Led by innovative industry veterans, Inventev was founded in 2011 to explore commercial truck electrification with emphasis on new driveline technology


Catching Attention

Our concept caught the eye of the ARPA-E agency of U.S. Department of Energy and awarded a $500,000 grant to start analyzing and developing hardware

We were also named one of the Energy and Clean Tech Venture 10 "Most Promising" Companies at the 11th Energy & Clean Technology Venture Forum in Houston


Electrified Commercial Trucks

Besides our services we intend to electrify commercial trucks into highly-efficient, eco-friendly job-site tools. Our up-fit products will save costs for fleet customers and in some cases even generate power for grid resiliency. 

The unique integration of multiple value propositions provides the first path to affordable commercial EV deployment while delivering efficient job-site and temporary power grid.

Our Collaborators

Inventev's Collaborators


Inventev | Michigan Business

Inventev is a technology startup based in Detroit focused on bringing electrification to the transportation sector. Their technology can be used to not only power a vehicle, but create power off the vehicle as well

Inventev PG&E Altec Editions TV segment

An introductory video to collaboration between Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Altec Industries and Inventev in mobile power generation, idle reduction and plug-in hybrid drive technologies.