About Inventev

Inventev delivers mobile power generation using an innovative Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) commercial truck architecture.  We are developing and applying our key next-gen propulsion and controls technology to OEM-branded trucks creating electrically-biased drive systems.   Our market focus is on medium duty classes 2B to 5  (such as F250/350/450/550; 2500/3500; etc.) where many work trucks carry cargo or perform job site tasks.

In addition to typical operating (fuel and maintenance) savings, Inventev's approach minimizes the electrification capital cost by:
-- avoiding the premium of a diesel powertrain for many applications while delivering better performance
-- right-sizing and integrating electrification components; not just "off-the-shelf" integration
-- exporting utility grade power from the dual generating propulsion system displacing standby generators for some customers and ready to respond to natural disasters and outages

* truck images to indicate typical applications... not intended to imply Inventev constructed units or OEM brand endorsements

The company is led by innovative automotive industry veterans, many with large, small and start-up company experience.

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